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 投稿者:DO-M  投稿日:2008年 4月17日(木)20時40分47秒
  I don't like girl.
I don't like girl.
But I like a girl.


 投稿者:GO-M  投稿日:2008年 4月 7日(月)21時15分53秒
  I like girl!
I like girl!
I like girl!


 投稿者:Mi-M  投稿日:2008年 4月 7日(月)14時17分36秒
First of all,I'm from Y-amagata.Sometime I shout"I'm from Canada!!!"So,I tell a lie.
My name is Mi-M in Sing-apore.
One day we went to scho-ol trip in Singapore.
A busguide said to us"み…ミ…ミーエムさん?ミーエムさん何処にイマスカ~?"…I could not open my mouth.But I said to my-self,"I am not Mi-M!!Am I a soldier!?Or a machi-ne!?NO!!!I am a human b-eing!!And I am not a so-ldier!!I like pease!!"
I cannot be a soldier,c-an I!?
That all thank you.


 投稿者:Mr.Kikuchi  投稿日:2008年 4月 6日(日)22時47分17秒
  Happy New Year!?

To tell the truth, I visit and see this BBS almost every day.
I haven't seen the comment for a long time, so I'm very surprised. Anyway, thank you for writing a comment.
Please tell me about you.


 投稿者:Mi-M  投稿日:2008年 4月 5日(土)00時42分6秒
See you!!!Dear People.

Please enjoy Schooltrip!

 投稿者:きくっつぁん  投稿日:2007年11月 9日(金)17時40分29秒
  Thank you for writing in! I've not seen you for a long time. And I'm very sorry for writing in this site for a long time.

Singapore is a very beautiful and exciting country. There are various cultures and peoples. Moreover, you can enjoy eating traditional foods.
Anyway, take care of yourself. I am looking forward to hearing your experience in Singapore!


 投稿者:SyOdO  投稿日:2007年11月 9日(金)16時48分32秒
  I want to go to Singapore as soon as possible!  I'm looking forward to going on a schooltrip!!  I will enjoy there♪  


 投稿者:A.G.  投稿日:2007年 8月29日(水)23時44分15秒
  The boys(2‐4)hasn't a few girlfrind.but seacret person has a girlfrind.He  has a girlfrind in my class only one.  

To A.G.

 投稿者:顧問  投稿日:2007年 8月29日(水)14時42分45秒
  Hi. A.G.
Thank you for visiting and writing a comment in this site!

Really? I thought you had a girlfriend. Who (2-4 boys) has a girlfriend?


 投稿者:A G  投稿日:2007年 8月26日(日)22時03分56秒
  I don't have girlfrind.
I have not had girlfrind since a year.
Because I have many boyfrind.